Sons of Dawn Campaign: Encounter 1 - The Seaside Village

Twas the night of the first encounter!

Night 1


The Lord Mayor of Godin has hired a band of misfit adventurers to investigate a local village that has refused a call to arms. The adventuring band is made up of a Halfling Monk, a Dragonborn Cleric, a Tiefling Warlock, a Half-Elf Druid, and a Half-Orc Rogue. Having been tasked with their mission the group set out.


The band of fellows had traveled for two days without mishap. As the sun began to set at the end of the second day’s journey the party decided to make camp near a bend in the road. With the sea on the west side of the road, and an immensely dense forest to the east, the party pitched tents and set up a rotation for nights watch.


The Druid had volunteered for the first watch of the night covering four hours, with the Rogue volunteering for the second watch. The Druid’s first watch was rather uneventful, hearing only regular night activity of nocturnal creatures stirring, hunting, and gathering. The Rogue’s second watch had an uneasy sense to it. Noticing several humanoid creatures moving along the distant southern forest treeline, the Rogue took cover, but didn’t want to startle his sleeping compatriots.


The subtle seen of serene forest tranquility all at once became a full on action sequence. The screech was loud, long, and blood curling. The Rogue was quickly engaged in a sword exchange with an undead hobgoblin that had snuck up on the party. There was combat, and the blows between swords awoke the rest of the party, none too soon! Several feral ghouls came from the south of where the party was sleeping to attack.


The Cleric and destroyed a Ghast with a great swing of his mace. The Rogue pierced another Ghast with an upward thrust of his sword. The Druid used his bear form to maul some of the undead hobgoblins. At the moment the battle seemed won for the heroic party, the remaining undead hobgoblins fled from the seen, with at least one feral ghoul also following suit.


The party then came to a fork in the road. They could follow the ghoul, or continue along the road. After much discussion and debate, the group decided to track the ghoul; in the darkness there wasn’t tracking to be done. The party eventually emerged from the thick forest to find the path they traveled brought them to an open field just west of the seaside village. The party met a group of villagers led by the local gravedigger, Ted Boxer, and were able to find their way to the Big Man Cran inn at the center of the village. The group procured beds and rested before setting out for the graveyard to investigate the plague.