We have all experienced it. There is no mistaking what it sounds like, feels like, looks like, and acts like. If we are honest with ourselves we hate it. The reality is there is no silver bullet, no super Mario brother, or international task force to repel its intergalactic destructive nature. Who will stop it? Who will fight it? Who will stand in the gap and say “This is not who we are as gamers!”

It is toxicity

It’s all over Voice Chat, Chat rooms, Reddit, Message Boards, Forums, MMORPG’s, gaming conventions, high stakes competitions, and casual gaming time. The small number of really destructive haters is without a doubt the loudest out of all of us. You and I have to deal with the stereotype, the looks, and the judgment of everyone because a small percentage of gamers are toxic.

It is a problem

Everyone has bad days, bad games, and even bad moments. But these are the exception, not the rule. We gamers want to play our games in a positive environment that encourages exceptional game play. We love our games, our gaming communities, and our culture of puns, jokes, and laughter. Why does the minority get to represent who we are to the rest of the world?

We have a voice

You don’t have to be defined by a small but loud minority in our big world of gaming. You are a player, and that makes you a person. We as a culture don’t have to be defined by the trolls, because while we all enjoy a good joke or prank, none of us enjoys being defined by the darkest parts of our lives. We love games, they let us take action, us be the hero, and us make a difference in a universe that matters.

We aren’t a product

If you think I’m about to sell you something that will fix all our problems, you’re wrong. G3 isn’t just one gaming clan, guild, or community. We are the face of positive play in gaming culture. We at G3 don’t believe gamers should be defined by the actions of violence in society, racism, or sexism. We at G3 represent gamers for who we are as players, and who we are as people.

We are a movement

G3 is a movement that started in February of 2013 and has been growing ever since. We provide an environment for the creation of communities that are dedicated to positive play, and killing toxic behavior. G3 doesn’t run on in game points, we are real people, making a real difference, in real gaming communities worldwide. If you want to be a good guy gamer and help change the stereotypes, the trolls, and fight toxicity, come level up with us at Good Guy Gaming!

Keep getting better, one game at a time!


Irondraconis / Jacob Toman,
Co-Founder of G3 2013